Life begins on the rainiest day in June, in the city of Big Shoulders and deep dish pizza. My home is filled with love, respect, salsa music, education, dancing (lots of dancing) and rice ‘n beans.


Work ethic instilled: dad works 2 full time jobs. Mom works overtime and takes care of cooking, cleaning and raising three children. Despite this, dad says these were the best days 🙂


I inherit the dancing bug from my mom. And drama bug from my… well, entire latin family. I somehow end up doing both on the Bozo Show, major TV networks like MTV and a stint at the White House. Kinda random. For 8 years, I also perform with a kids group teaching other kids that things like eating well, education, and good values are actually cool. Foreshadowing much?


I apparently inherit the workaholism bug too. Naturally, I put the “serious” job and duties before creative play and my own health. Bagels and ramen are more convenient. Performance art “isn’t a real job”… downward spiral ensues.


I start to gain weight, lose hair, break out with acne and acid reflux increasingly gets worse. WTF.


In my third year of college, mom finds a lump in her breast. The world seems to stop.


Fourth year, mom is diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Cancer has crept into her lymph nodes, brain, and lungs. 5 years of ups and downs, and more downs to follow.


Every single conventional treatment possible is thrown at her fragile body. When the doctor told mom to take a vacation and enjoy life while she can, we booked it to Arizona for some alternative healing and sunshine. Talk about crash course in healing. A whole new world of health and wellness opens up. My obsession with food as medicine begins. No turning back.


Mom is lookin’ good and her numbers are going down! Bonus: the entire family starts lookin’ and feeling good too. We return home (insurance doesn’t cover “alternative healing”). Green juice and infrared saunas in chilly Chicago will have to suffice.


It’s hard as hell to stay on course without the proper support and environment. We try our best.


I start pre-med at Northwestern. Work + school + caring for mom = no social life + STRESS^2


Mom is sick again. She is the most graceful and courageous woman I know. Life’s not fair.


January 2010. 5 years of this crazy journey. My beautiful mom says goodbye.

The world actually stops.




Life throws at you what you can handle. I guess. My 7 year relationship with boyfriend & best friend ends.


Grief counseling and extreme self-care rekindle my light. Lesson #4,328: Take care of yourself first and never be too proud to seek help – we can’t do it alone. Life starts again


I get schooled in integrative nutrition and holistic health coaching. I start doing all the things I love again. I dance with soul. I act with heart. I live the hell outa life with joy & gratitude. My health flourishes.


I find my passion. The doors to Unveiled Wellness open. My heart sings.


And here we are.


Now your turn… what’s your story?

I believe we are all threads of the same fabric of life. I’m here to unveil the wings of women who want to live their biggest lives. To unravel their story, and tap into the potentiality that’s within so that they can bring their unique gifts to this world. Let’s start a butterfly effect that’ll change everything… starting with you.


​I would love to hear from YOU. What are your health challenges? Life struggles & pet peeves? Dreams & dramas? Shoot me an email (I read every one) or hit me up on the facebook. I promise a human (hint: me) will respond 🙂